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Featured Placement For Coach

New placement for the fashion giant Coach, showcasing intricate rivets being hammered onto bags.  Video below: Client:  Coach Artist: Egadz ...

Featured Placement – Bush’s Beans/Mashable

New placement for Bush's Beans produced by Mashable Studios.  The video profiles cooks around the US and the grill-out techniques used in a cool doc style format.  They used 5 DM tracks.  Check it out below:   Client:  Bush's Beans Produced By:  Mashable Studios Campaign Link  ...

Featured Placement – Wacom Xplane

Featured placement for the innovative tablet maker Wacom.  This video showcases how the comapny XPLANE uses Bamboo Spark to manage projects and push ideas forward. Client:  Wacom Artist:  Joseph Rusnak Track:  Reunited...

Featured Placement for Oxfam GB – Fighting Global Women’s Rights

Oxfam is a charity that does fantastic work fighting global poverty.  In this video showcasing the struggles women face around the world, they use one of our tracks to drive home the inspiring work that they do for women around the world.   Client:  Oxfam GB Artist:  Hounds Track:  Heist...

New Placement For Microsoft

Client:  Microsoft Track: A Brisk Walk Across Campus Artist:  Timber Music Supply Production Company/Agency:  The Grindhouse ...