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We a full service music licensing solution with pre-cleared cutting edge music, music supervision and custom music.
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This is What We Do Best

Music Licensing

Our bread and butter

All we think about is music and its marriage with the moving image.  We do not take music that is part of any royalty free music website and we offer both exclusive and non-exclusive artists.  We are a next generation music library that thinks outside the box, or inside the box, constantly adapting to change – we are committed to it.

Music Search

Let us do the grunt work for you

You’re busy and we can attest.  Things are hectic, and so often music is the last thing to come together, we know, we know.   If you need help sourcing the right music, we can provide custom searches at no additional charge.

Custom Bespoke Music

We can write custom cues for you

If you need something specific and you can’t quite find it, we can help.  Our talented on staff composers can whip something up fast.  Get in touch.

Music Supervision

We can manage your project

Let us find the perfect song for your project.  We can be the point person for your production:  sourcing music, securing appropriate clearances, licenses, working with producers and agencies.  Let us take on all the logistics.

Business License

A business license gives you the right to use the track in any business video on social media and company websites.  We have options for perpetual and 1 year terms.

Examples of how a business license is used:

Company Website

Internal pitch and company videos.

Use on your company's Youtube, Vimeo, Facebook, Instagram or any social media pages.

Single works. If you want to use it in other videos, you must purchase additional licenses.

Examples of how a business license is not used:

Basically anything that will be sold to the public.

Any purchased advertising.

Commercial broadcast or films.

If you need music right away, give us a call and we can get you up and running in a matter of minutes:  347.560.1748

Advertising and Media Buy License

An advertising or media buy license is for a company of any size to license a song for use in a advertising media buy to be seen on any screen, including broadcast television.

Examples of a advertising media buy license:

Advertising on television and theaters.

Radio and web advertisement.

Examples of how a advertising media buy license is not used:

Anything not related to advertising.

Film or any theatrical release.

Email for an instant quote.

If you need music right away, give us a call and we can get you up and running in a matter of minutes:  347.560.1748

Television License

A television license is intended for any track that would be synced to any production that would be broadcast on network television, internet television (Hulu, Netflix, etc). satellite television, etc.

Examples of a television license:

Intended for any television broadcast.

Any form of broadcast in television format.

Examples of how a television license is not used:

Business or corporate related.

Film or any theatrical release advertisement.

Email for an instant quote.

If you need music right away, give us a call and we can get you up and running in a matter of minutes:  347.560.1748

Non-Profit License

A non-profit license is primarily used for charity videos, awareness and informational purposes.  We offer discounted rates that are perpetual licenses for non-profit organizations.  You must be 501c(3) filed as a non-profit organization.

Examples of a non-profit license:

For any non-profit works, including charity, ministries, universities.

Internal and external streaming use.

Examples of how a non-profit license is not used:

Cannot be used in conjuction with selling any product.

Film or any theatrical release advertisement.

Promotional advertisements.

Email for an instant quote.

If you need music right away, give us a call and we can get you up and running in a matter of minutes:  347.560.1748

Indie Film License

Good for indie films with budget of less than $1.5 million.  For online, physical and festival releases.  This license is perpetual.

Examples of a indie film license:

Any film under $1.5 million budget.

Distributed online and to festivals.

Examples of how a indie film license is not used:

Business or corporate related.

Any advertising related use.

Does not include physical distribution.

Email for an instant quote.

If you need music right away, give us a call and we can get you up and running in a matter of minutes:  347.560.1748

Theatrical Film License

Good for films with a budget above $2 million.  Can be used for theatrical, online and physical use.  License quote is determined by the film budget, use, if there are mechanicals (soundtracks) and other factors.

Examples of how a theatrical film license is used:

Any film above a $2 million budget.

Distributed online, to festivals, theatrically in movie theaters, DVD and digital distribution.

Examples of how a theatrical film license is not used:

Business or corporate related.

Any advertising related use.

Email for an instant quote.

If you need music right away, give us a call and we can get you up and running in a matter of minutes:  347.560.1748

Personal License

A personal license is good for multiple uses such as: weddings, personal moments, blogs, student works.  It is not good for anything that is intended to be monetized, charity included.  All licenses in this category are perpetual.

Examples of a personal license:

Personal videos, such as trip diaries, family videos.

Weddings and social events.

Student works.

Examples of how a personal license is not used:

Business or corporate related.

Any monetization of the work it is being used for.

Being broadcast anywhere other than the web.

Email for an instant quote.

If you need music right away, give us a call and we can get you up and running in a matter of minutes:  347.560.1748

-Why should I license music from Directional Music?

The plain and simple answer is: we are bringing the most authentic, hand-picked cutting edge indie artists to the table for your production.  And not to mention, we make licensing music super easy.  Our rate card is highly competitive and we can adjust your license quote appropriately for your project.


-How do I license a song?

Easy! Head over to our library where you can instantly license music for most uses. When you find a track that you want to license, click the shopping cart icon to the far right of the track title and you can pick the usage that best suits your project. If you don’t see your desired usage, email with some brief info about your project or you can use this form and we will get back to you in a snap.


-How much does it cost to license one of your songs?

That all depends on your project. There are different factors that go into licensing a cue. A good percentage of our licenses are available for instant purchase directly through our shopping cart and you can preview prices for a wide variety of project types and uses. If you don’t see your desired usage, please get in touch with us for a custom quote. Please give us a general idea of what you’re looking for: budget of your production, viewing audience (television, film, online), type of event, etc.


-What type of licenses do you offer?

Virtually, any license imaginable.  The type of license that we generally issue is a master/synchronization license, meaning you can use the track with any audiovisual media.  We have multiple categories of licenses that cover the vast majority of uses, but sometimes there are special scenarios that require custom licenses.  If you do not see the license that suits your project in the tab to the left, please get in touch and we will create a custom license quote just for you.


-I work with a client that needs exclusive music only, can you help?

Absolutely!  Our exclusive catalog is growing every day.  If you need something specific and you can’t find it, we can always help at no extra charge.


-Where does your music come from?

Our music is sourced from the best indie artists in the world.  Our coalition is growing every day and our catalog represents  a wide array of genres all at the cutting edge.  No royalty free tracks and no generic cues.  All quality, broadcast-ready cues.


-Is your music pre-cleared?

Absolutely.  All music in our catalog is pre-cleared and ready to be licensed to you.  No hoops to jump through.  When you find a track that you like, get in touch and we’ll get the license ready for you and you are good to go!


-What does it mean when a license has 1 Use, multiple uses or Unlimited?

We offer licenses based on Use. “Use” refers to any distributed edit or alteration of the track in ONE production. For example, if you cut the first 10 seconds of the track to match your edit and spliced it with the last 10 seconds of the track, that would be a license for 2 Uses. For a large portion of our catalog, we also offer an Unlimited Use option. You can head over now to our catalog to begin browsing rates and you can purchase licenses for many types of usage directly through our shopping cart.


-How long is the license good for?

This all depends.  For a lot of licenses, it is perpetual i.e. forever.  For some other instances, it could be 1-5 years.  Every license is different.  Again, please contact us with any questions.  We love questions, really.


-How do I get started downloading songs?

You will first need to sign up for an account HERE. Once you’ve created your account, you can browse license rates for different uses and purchase licenses directly through the shopping cart. Once you have purchased your license, you will receive a download link along with your invoice.

      Search Our Catalog Now